Secretweapons Nudi Bra Clearance

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Our Stick On Bra is the ultimate ultra light backless bra for support,lift and cleavage!

The Nudi Bra is the go to Stick On Bra for backless and strapless dresses when bra straps are just not an option.  

Want to wear that sexy little number but your boobs need a little lift? Nudi Bra is an ultra-light, backless, strapless, self- adhesive miracle worker! Totally free from straps and light as a feather, Nudi Bra will give you the ultimate support, lift and cleavage!

Using the highest grade medical adhesive, our Nudi Bra provides ultra-reliable staying power!

For maximum cleavage, place the cups as far apart on your breasts as possible in a lifting position and secure the front clasp.

With a fabric outer cover and totally free from straps, our backless and strapless adhesive Stick On Bra will give you all day comfort and won’t let you down.

The best reason to go with our stick on bra is that it offers fantastic support, cleavage and eliminates the need to ‘hitch’ your bra up! Yes, that’s right, the stick on Nudi Bra cups stay right where you put them, no creep, no squeeze and no pinch under the arms!

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