Maternity Bras

When do I need a maternity bra?

While every woman’s body is different, it is recommended that you purchase a maternity bra at 16 weeks or as soon as the bust starts to change shape.

Why do I need a maternity bra?

A maternity bra is designed to cater for a rapidly changing bust and no other bra offers the support and versatility that a maternity bra can. Many women fear that their breast may lose shape and sag once they have had their baby and finished breast feeding. However, with a correct fitting maternity bra there is no reason why this should be the case.

During pregnancy, the breast needs extra support to help prevent discomfort and sag. A maternity bra will adjust to suit and support a growing bust. In addition, a maternity bra is made from soft fabrics and safe dyes to ensure maximum comfort. It is important not to wear a regular underwire bra as this can cause problems with blockages during breastfeeding.

What size should I buy?

In general, whatever size you are is the size you should buy. Many women mistakenly think that they should buy the next size up in the hope that they will grow into it. However, the larger size will not provide the correct support. The good thing about a maternity bra is that it can be adjusted to give that extra room.